World Organ Donation Day 2021 Theme, Quotes – 13 August

World Organ Donation Day 2021 Theme, Quotes – 13 August

World Organ Donation Day 2021 Theme, Quotes
World Organ Donation Day 2021 Theme, Quotes

One Donor Can Improve The Lives Of Many people.

“Give yourself and those in need an elixir of life by pledging your organs.”

Organs are not only parts of the body, but they are also part of our daily lives. To survive everyone needs to have all the organs. If someone doesn’t have any organ or part of body, we should donate our organs after death, so that they can be used for saving someone’s life.

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World Organ Donation Day is observed on 13th of August. It is an annual celebration all over the world. 

The main motto of celebrating this day is to throw light and awareness of Organ Donation and to try to remove all the myths about organ donation that people have in their minds.

World Organ Donation Day was first celebrated in the year 2010, launched by The Union Ministry Of Health And Welfare, Government of India. This Day focus on the Donation of organs by the people. The Government tries to spread awareness about the Organ Donation and to eliminate myths and fears about organ donation.

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Organ Donation is a great thing, because you can save someone’s life after your death, which means you can be helpful for someone After death.

If we donate any of our organ after death then it can be used for someone else who needs that. 

Our organs do not become waste after our death, instead they become useful for other humans and could save their lives.


The theme of the World Organ Donation Day 2021 is very inspiring and interesting. 

The theme is “Safe Blood, Saves Life.” and have a tagline “Give Blood And Make The World A Healthier Place.”


There are many myths about organ donation. People have many fears in their minds, that is why they are not aware about organ donation.

Here we have mentioned some myths about organ donation:

  • Some people say that,if you will agree to donate your organs after death,then the doctors will not try that hard to save your life. But it is not right. Because the first duty of any doctor and hospital is to save the life of the patient. So don’t worry about this.
  • There are some people who says that,a person is too old or not well to donate it’s organs. But the fact is that you can donate your organs at any age or having any disease, because at the time of death your health is determined and your eyes and tissues can be donated.
  • People say that the religion does not allow for organ donation. The religion prohibits organs,eye and tissue donation. But the fact is that no religion and God prohibits for doing good for someone. Have faith on god and go for it.
  • There are some people who also say that, only hearts,livers and kidneys can be transplanted. But it is wrong. Apart from kidney,liver and Heart, the tissues can also be transplanted. Tissues including eyes,skin, heart valves,bones and tendons can be donated.

So don’t think about all these myths and donate your organs to improve anyone’s life.


When we think about Organ Donation  the thing that comes to mind is what can we donate? What Organ is right for donation? Which Organ can be donated for transplantation?

To get the answer of all these questions we are here for you.

We have a list of the organs that can be donated:

  1. HEART
  2. LUNGS
  4. LIVER
  6. BONES
  7. SKIN


  • People who have problems and disease related to the heart, such as heart failure, Viral Infection and congenital heart defect, need to have a heart transplant. Because heart is the pumping part of the body which pumps blood and transports it to the body.
  • If the whole heart can not be transplanted, then the heart valves can also be transplanted.


  • Lung transplants are often needed by people with cystic fibrosis or emphysema whose own lungs cannot provide enough oxygen to their bodies. If you have a smoking habit,then you will have a test to check that the lungs work or not.


  • People suffering with kidney failure need to have a kidney transplant. We can donate our kidney even if we are alive, because we have two kidneys and we can survive with one kidney also.


  • People with metabolic liver disease, Hepatitis B or C, and congenital liver defects such as Biliary Atresia can all require liver transplants to stay alive. The liver is a unique Organ it can be divided and transplanted into two receipients.


  • People who have partial or complete blindness due to corneal damage, which can be due to illness, injury or genetic condition. These people need to have cornea transplanting.


  • Bones joins the body together. Bones are used to heal fracture, strengthen hip and knee join replacement. Bone replacement is a bit difficult, because from ten bones only one can be used to aid the disease.


  • Skin is the soft part of the body. People who had burns and infection on their facial skin or other skin need to have skin transplantation.


  • Tendons are the tissues that attach muscles to the bones. People who have muscle pain or have injury in bones or

muscles need to have tendons transplantation.


There are many benefits of Organ Donation. We have some of them written for you:

  • A single donor can save upto eight lives. So you and your family will get good wishes from the recipient and his/her family.
  • Organ Donation can improve the quality of life of the recipient.
  • It can help your family financially.

So this world Organ Donation Day, do not think about the myths and remove all the fears from your mind and help someone by donating your organs.

Wishing and motivating you for this World Organ Donation Day.

Donate Your Organ And Safe Life.

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