Happy World Kiss Day 2023

World Kiss Day

Happy World Kiss Day 2020
Happy World Kiss Day 2020

World Kiss Day is also known as International Kissing Day. It is celebrated on the 6th of July every year. February 13 is also celebrated as international kissing day, as a part of valentines week.

International kissing day was first celebrated in the year 2006, to show people the importance of kissing between the couples.

The purpose of this day to celebrate is to show some love and share the love. As nowadays people don’t show love physically all love is shown on phones. So to show some love physically and mentally this day is celebrated where we kiss our loved ones whether they are our parents or friends or siblings but showing love is for all and kiss is such a sweet gesture to show the love. So on this day the events where held where they teach us how to show love to our beloved ones. And Kiss is not just a physical gesture but it is a token of love.

Kissing is a great  experience for everyone. Everyone kisses his/her partner in their life. 

Almost everyone in their lives gives and takes kisses from their partners and show their affection and love for each other.

The kiss day was first celebrated by Hershey. Hershey’s kiss was introduced in 1907. After this french kisses and all the other kisses had come.


There are several types of kisses. The kisses originated from the Romans. Here we have some different types of kisses from the world.

  • Kiss on forehead
  • Kiss on cheek
  • Kiss on neck
  • Kiss on nose
  • French kiss
  • Eskimo kiss
  • The biting kiss
  • Kiss on ear
  • Kiss on shoulder
  • Peck kiss


Kissing someone on their forehead is a great symbol of showing love,trust,care and affection for them. Kissing on the forehead could be for your partner,friend,son,daughter,or anyone you trust and believe. Kissing on the forehead in a new relationship is a sign of a great start of the relationship.


Kissing someone on their cheek is a symbol of love,affection and care for that person. It could be for anyone. Mostly kissing on the cheek is used for showing love and care for your friend and your loved ones.


Kissing on the neck is preferred in most relationships. Such kisses are just prelude. The couples who are in a very close and intimate relationship prefer kissing on the front and side parts of the neck of their partner, because the side and front parts of the neck are very sensitive and it gives them an opportunity to get started for make out.


Kissing on the nose is a symbol of showing your partner that you are fond of it. It also shows your partner that you are so passionate for him/her.


French kisses are very popular kisses in the world. They are named so because they originated from France and french people. French kisses seem very easy to do, but it takes many years to be expert in that. French kiss is a type of kiss in which a person’s tongue touches another person’s tongue.


This kiss originated from Eskimo, that is why it is called Eskimo Kiss. This type of kiss is used by the childrens and their parents. In this kiss a person rubs its nose to their loved ones nose. This type of kiss is used to show love and affection for their loved ones.


This type of kiss is very much similar to the french kiss. The only difference between french kiss and biting kiss is that the person also uses its teeth for the kiss and grabs the tongue of its partner while kissing.


This kiss is a symbol that the person loves his/her partner very much. This is a very intense type of kiss for couples.


The kiss on your partner’s shoulder helps you to show your love and affection to him/her. Most of the guys use this type of kiss to get started for their moment.


Peck kiss is a type of kiss which is a very intimate kiss. This type of kiss involves a tight kissing on the lips and cheeks of your partner. This kiss is a symbol of forever and never ending love.


Kissing is a wild and amazing experience for every person. As it is a symbol of love and affection, there are many interesting facts about kissing. Here we have some of them:

  • Humans have a chemical present in their body that works as a neurotransmitter, the chemical is called DOPAMINE. Researches say that if you are kissing someone for the first time, then you will experience an increase in your dopamine level, which leads you to desire for more kisses.
  • Kissing someone makes your heart beat faster and pumps more oxygen to your brain.
  • 112 Postural muscles and 34 Facial Muscles are required for a one single kiss.
  • Kissing helps you to prevent Tooth Decay and maintains your Dental Health.
  • The reason behind closing your eyes automatically while kissing is that your pupil allows light to penetrate your eyes and make them more sensitive, and as a result we close our eyes during kisses.
  • Oxytocin in humans is a connection to feelings. It maintains love in your relationship. Because when you are in a long time relationship and kiss for many times, then Dopamine level decreases after the initial period.
  • The Peptides increases the feelings of love,affection and emotions and makes you feel happy after the kiss.
  • Out of 12 Cranial Nerves, 5 are involved in one kiss. The cranial nerves help transfer signals between you and the person you are kissing.
  • Transmission of testosterone,the male sex hormone,in your body triggers you to get turned on as it causes LIBIDO.
  • Kissing helps your body to burn calories. Kissing for one minutes helps you burn two to three calories. The longer you kiss the more you burn calories.
  • Kissing helps your body to become resistant from allergy.
  • Kissing helps you to decrease your stress hormone,Cortisol. Kissing boosts the feeling of happiness and helps you in relaxation.
  • While kissing someone new, transmits millions of microbes.
  • The Thai Couple Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat set a world record for kissing for the longest. They kissed by locking their lips for 58 hours,35 minutes and 58 seconds.
  • Kissing helps in reducing Blood Pressure.

So here we have all about the kiss day and kissing. So this kiss day kisses your partner in any way that you want and love.

Happy International Kissing Day.

Happy World Kiss Day.

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