World First Aid Day 2023 – 10 September

World First Aid Day

“First aid is for everyone, everywhere!”

First aid is the immediate care or treatment given to any injured person. This includes dressing the wound,using pain relief gel,or giving pain killers. First aid is not the perfect treatment of any injury or problem, it is the only option used before getting proper medical treatment.

This day was celebrated on 14th September. The aim of this day is to create awareness about first aid that can prevent injuries and save many lives because sometimes first aid which is given on time to any injured person results in a life saving method for that person. This day also promotes the accessibility of the first aid.

World’s first aid day was first celebrated in 2000 by the International Federation of Red Cross.Every year about 100 red cross and red crescent people are made aware about the world first aid day and the benefits of the first aid treatment.

“Safety brings first aid to the uninjured.”


The aims of giving first aid to anyone are mentioned below:

1.Preserve life

2.Pain relief

3.Protect the unconscious

4.Promote recovery

5.Prevent the escalation of the illness or injury


The main motto of giving first aid to any injured person is to save the life of the person. First aid could help the person to stay alive till the patient gets the proper treatment.


First aid helps the injured person to get relief from pain. If the person’s wound is dressed up and the person gets a pain killer then the patient will not be conscious.


Protecting the unconscious can mean removing them from a dangerous situation, like fire, flooded space or road with traffic.


First aid is very important for the person who is injured or damaged, and the motto of giving first aid to someone is for promoting recovery.


The efforts of the first aiders are directed toward prolonging the time the patient has until the ambulance arrives. The patient is injured and the blood is not stopping then the first aider could not stitch the wound but the first aider can do the efforts to stop or reduce the blood.


When we are talking about the first aid, then we should know the items included in the first aid kit. There are many items in the first aid kit. We have made a list of the items that you should place in your first aid kit:

  • Band Aids 
  • Gauze Roller Bandage ( at least 2 inches wide)
  • Gauze Pads (large)
  • Gauze Pads (medium)
  • Triangular Bandage
  • Wound Cleaning Agent
  • Scissor
  • Tweezers 
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Gloves
  • Resuscitation Equipment
  • Elastic Wraps
  • Instruction Book/Guide Book
  • Antiseptic Wash
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Instant Cold Packs
  • Elastic Bandage
  • Sting and Bites


While giving first to anyone we should follow the steps or procedure of giving first aid. The steps of giving first aid are written below:


  • Firstly clean the wound with ointment.
  • Cover it with a cloth or bandage.
  • Apply pressure to stop the pressure of the blood flow.


  • Wash the burned area with cold running water for some minutes.
  • Apply a light gauze bandage.
  • Do not apply any ointment or oily remedies.


  • Stabilize the limb using splint or padding to keep it immobile.
  • Put a cold on the injury.
  • Use an anti-inflammatory drug.


  • Call 911 or the medical alert team.
  • If you are an expert then use chest compression.
  • If you do not have any knowledge about it then wait for the expert to come.


  • Use a sterilized needle and make punctures on the edge of the blister.
  • Use an ointment.
  • Cover it to prevent rubbing.


  • Lean slightly forward.
  • Pinch the nose just below the bridge.
  • You can also apply a cold pack to the bridge.


  • Immobilize the limb.
  • Apply a cold pack.
  • Take an anti-inflammatory drug.


  • Use a cold pack at the place of sting.
  • Use an antihistamine drug to reduce itching and swelling.


  • Frostbite can be treated by warming.
  • You can warm yourself skin to skin.


There are many people who have saved the life of an injured or damaged person by properly and timely giving first aid to the patient.

Here we had made a list of three real life stories,where the patient got his/her life back by the treatment of doctors but first by first aid:

  1. Dobbie’s story
  2. Shirley’s story
  3. Vicki’s story


Dobbie saved the life of an eight years old boy,who was her neighbour. The boy has got a huge cut on his arms and he was bleeding. Dobbie had just completed the course of first aid a few days back,so she knew that the cut is huge and the boy needs to get proper medical treatment. Then she ran towards the washroom and got a towel and put the towel on the cut and pressed it tightly and asked to call for the ambulance. Till the ambulance arrived she pressed the towel to stop the bleeding. This saved the life of that boy.


One day Shirley was enjoying a cafe with her family. Suddenly her grandson,who was just seven months at that time, hit a cup of hot coffee and he burned. Fortunately, she had done a course of first aid and she took the baby to the toilet but the cold water tap wasn’t working. Then she ran towards the kitchen and saw a jug of water. She applied the water on his grandson’s hand and she saved her grandson from a heavy injury.


One morning vicki was driving on the road and saw a pregnant lady who was bleeding. Vicki stopped to help her like the others were. The lady had got an accident and a cut on her arms and hands. Vicki does not find anything to put on the wound to stop bleeding. Then vicki got a nappy and put it on the arms and hand of the lady till the ambulance had arrived.

“Every single person in the world has the capacity to save a life – it is an essential gesture of solidarity.”

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Happy first aid day.

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