National Epilepsy Day 2023

This day is celebrated on 17th November. Epilepsy is a chronic disorder of the brain characterised by recurrent “seizures” or the “fits:”.  This disease can be caused to the people of any age who has unique concerns and problems . This disease can result in Brain damage, Brain infections , Strokes and brain tumours etc. but this disease is treatable with proper treatment taken. On this day awareness is spread across the world to know about the disease and its cure. People should take care of their health and if any negative symptoms are seen they should consult the doctor.

National Epilepsy Day 2020

National Epilepsy Day 2020
National Epilepsy Day 2020

 In India, Epilepsy day is observed every year on 17th November to generate higher awareness regarding epilepsy surgery. As we know that epilepsy surgery is a chronic disease of the brain characterized by recurrent fits or seizures.

This disease can be effective at any age and also to any person. Around 50 million people are affected by epilepsy across the world, in which most even 80 percent of people are from developing countries.

According to world health organizations, three-fourth peoples cannot afford the treatment of epilepsy, and also developing countries do not receive the mandatory treatment for these diseases. The world health organization considers the symptoms of these diseases which are as follows: – Sudden twitching of legs and arms.

In this condition, people can’t move anywhere, they lost their mind control. People who are comprise with these diseases, they lose their consciousness, and always feel pricking pins or needles in their arms and legs.

They feel stiffness in the muscles of their arms and legs. There are so many causes of this dangerous diseases which are mentioned below:- the main reason for this diseases is perinatal injury and the other important causes of this diseases is damage to brain from prenatal, brain infections, head injuries, stroke and brain tumors, congenital abnormalities, prolonged high fever in childhood and many causes.

 According to the WHO (World Health Organization), nearly five million people worldwide suffer from epileptic disease, of which eighty percent live in developing countries. Epilepsy can be treated, not yet three — fourths of those affected in developing countries have received necessary treatment.

There are one million people in India suffering from an attack of epilepsy. We can do best for the humans who are contiguous with these diseases by spending time with them, by giving some needy items to them, by making lots of fun enjoyment and memorable moments with them.

We can make them good again like others by giving a good treatment like making sure that person does not panic, during the seizures that person should try to restrain. We should remove all the harmful and sharp items and others out of the person who has these diseases.

 We should loosen any tight neck wear. We should be the person who has these dangerous diseases during and after the treatment and also, we should be with them until the medical situation arrives.

We should allow the person to take rest, and we should give them medicine on the right time as per the consultation with the doctor. We should take care of that person who has this problem because, in this critical condition people lose their mind, and they don’t know what we are doing, what happens to us and all the rude things.

We can make them feel better by meditating with them because meditation is one of the most important things which can control them, also it makes us and that epilepsy person fresh. One of the most essential things about epilepsy is that we don’t delay regarding the treatment of epilepsy patients.

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