National Consumer Day 2022, Theme, Quotes, 24 December

National Consumer Day 2020 Theme and National Consumer Day 2020 Quotes with Date and time find here.

National Consumers Day is a day for all the consumers out there, we are consumers, and in some or the other way we are consumers as by definition it means that we consume some products, or we use services so basically we are consumers in those aspects. Earlier there was Limited scope for consumers out there. They did not have the right to choose, they were propelled to choose what the suppliers wanted to sell them, but now the 21st century marks the change for all the unrealistic things that were happening earlier, and has given rights to some of the most important aspects.

Out of which consumer protection act is the one giving rights to the consumers out there. Which is now recognized by the law as well? Consumer Protection day is celebrated on 24 December each year, this day our President gave assent to Consumer Protection act, recognizing the need of the decade, the law on this day empowered the consumers by giving them special rights and powers on the aspect of consumption of commodities. The Consumer Protection Act basically empowered the consumers out there, which led the way for suppliers to take into consideration the consumer’s choice for producing all the products.

National Consumer Day 2020, Theme, Quotes, 24 December

 Now with this new change the supplier’s policies have also been influenced and the result is the production for any supplier and manufacturer starts from the research of what consumers want in the market! This empowerment to consumers was necessary because, in various aspects consumers were not taken into consideration and many a time their choices were ignored. So this act came with various powers for the consumers. Some lights were regarding — 

  • Consumers should have the complete right to choose over different products offered by the supplier, and there should be no pressure on the consumer to choose any of the commodities. 
  • Consumers are given the right to exchange the goods in case of any defect found afterwards. 
  • Consumers were given rights against suppliers in case of any damage caused due to the consumption of any defective commodity or product.
  • Consumers were given right to information regarding the products they were purchasing due to which the suppliers of the manufacturers were required to supply or to give all the information on their product regarding Its manufacturing date expiry date and the quantities of minerals or vitamins that they have used to produce a product, consumer knows about what he is in taking and judge whether it is act of consuming or not.
  • They were Also empowered to seek redressal regarding any unfair trade practices going on in the market, these unfair trade practices may– involve suppliers’ being giving products at different prices to different buyers and doing trade practices with Biased- means, whether they are selling the products in Black to earn higher profits.

 Consumers were empowered to seek redressal regarding all these issues in the concerned courts. Technically the law has empowered the consumers on various aspects, but now with that empowerment that we have got we have full freedom to choose and that’s a good need for us. So for this upcoming Consumers Day I wish you all the luck. I wish you that you may be rewarded, awakened, about all the policies, and acts that have been enacted by the government for empowerment.

I wish that all the people who read this message or article knows about what powers the law has given us regarding the consumer and If in case you face any difficulty regarding any purchase then you can seek help from these laws that have been enacted for us only, as it is a right to claim regarding against any damage. Any law that has been enacted by a government is for only so, it depends on how we use.

For people who are following it is appreciate able, for people who are not using it be ok, but for the people who see something wrong going around but still do not react to situations still do not take actions against it, is wrong because if we see something wrong we should immediately report on that, and should not be silent or ignore situations because the only e enhance wrong activities in society so, it is required it is responsibility for each individual out there to react to such circumstances and take all the rightful actions as per requirement.

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