Happy National Boyfriend Day 2021 | 3 October 2021

National Boyfriend Day

“He’s annoying, he’s hilarious, he makes me yell, he drives me crazy, he’s out of his mind but he’s everything I want.”

3rd of october is observed as the national boyfriend day. This day is dedicated to boyfriends. This day is celebrated by the couples,especially girls, to make their boyfriend special and tell them how special he is for her,and thank him for making her feel special and beautiful everyday and making her life so special.

The origin of this day comes from some smart people who thought that the boyfriends do not have any special day for their acknowledgement. Because girlfriends have their own day,National Girlfriend day,so they decided to celebrate 3rd of october as the national boyfriend day.

“In your smile I see something more beautiful than the stars.”


A boyfriend is a male companion of a girl with whom she  spends time and has some romantic movements. The boyfriend is not like the other boys, he is not just a friend of that girl,but he is someone special for her who means so much for her and makes her feel special.

Boyfriend is a non-marital partner of a girl,who is very special and important to her. The girls seem to be connected with him emotionally,physically and mentally.

Perhaps we were friends first and lovers second. But then perhaps this is what lovers are.”


Here we have mentioned some of the ways that will help you to celebrate national boyfriend day with your boyfriend.

  • Tell him his importance in your life.
  • Go for a drive with him.
  • Arrange a romantic date for him.
  • Show him your love for him.
  • Take him on a scavenger hunt.
  • Go for a movie of his choice with him.
  • Spend time with him.
  • Do something he likes.
  • Cook his favourite food.
  • Watch sports with him.
  • Ask him for something of his choice.
  • Go shopping with him and ask him to buy something and don’t let him pay for that.
  • Post a beautiful picture with him and tag him and add a romantic caption for him.
  • Go on a romantic dinner date with him.

“If I had to choose between breathing and loving you I would use my last breath to tell you I love you.”


Boyfriend is very important for every girl. Having a boyfriend is such a great feeling for a girl. Every girl wishes to have a perfect boyfriend. Here we have mentioned some of the reasons why a boyfriend is important in a girl’s life.

  • You’ll never feel lonely because you will have someone to listen to you and spend time with you.
  • Wherever you will feel pissed off then your boyfriend will give you a warm hug and you will forget all the problems and the reasons why you were pissed off.
  • The way he looks at you is a special feeling which makes you feel special.
  • Boyfriend makes you laugh all day long.
  • He loves the way you are,that is why you will never have to change yourself for him.
  • Sleepovers are so much better.
  • You will have someone who is only yours and you are only his.
  • You can be serious and playful around each other.
  • You can discuss everything with him,including your personal,professional,physical,medical,emotional problems.
  • He will make you feel good and take care of you during your periods.
  • You can be gross in front of him.
  • You can vent to him anytime.
  • You do not need to impress him every time.
  • The Girl can have the luxury of friendship and love all in one person.
  • Your boyfriend will always be concerned about you.
  • Taking good care of you closely during your periods or when you are feeling seek.
  • He can handle all your moods.he can cook for you.
  • You can have personal and private chats with him.
  • He can talk to you the whole day and night.

“Your smile brightens up my day.”


Every girl wishes to have a perfect boyfriend and she thinks he is having a perfect guy because she loves him. Here we have listed some of the qualities a girl wants in her boyfriend.

  • He listens to you.
  • He shares all his feelings and emotions with you.
  • He loves you more than everything.
  • He wants you to be his forever.
  • He makes you feel secure.
  • He can make you laugh for the whole day.
  • He loves you the way you are.
  • He makes you smile not just because he wants you to be happy, but he loves your smile.
  • He never bounds you.
  • He is possessive for you but not over possessive.
  • He trusts you.
  • He is the man of his word
  • He does not show off for anything.

“I love my crazy goofy but so amazing boyfriend.”

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Enjoy your day with your guy. Love him and spend time with him.

Happy National Boyfriend Day.

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