Minorities Rights Day 2023 Theme, Quotes, Speech

Minorities Rights Day 2020, Minorities Rights Day 2020 Theme, Quotes, Speech 

Minorities Right Day is celebrated on 18 December every year by the National Commission for Minorities in India to protect the rights of minorities across the nation. On 18th DECEMBER, 1992, the United Nations notified the “Declaration on the Rights of persons belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious, and Linguistic Minorities” to establish the cause of minorities. Since then, this day is celebrated across India as Minorities Rights Day. By celebrating minority’s rights day in India, each state focuses on issues related to minorities, and also ensures that the minorities ‘ rights are safe within their province. It is considered as a very important day for India to solve the issues and controversy between majority and minority.

This day is celebrated to respect and preserve the religious and ethnic identity of minorities within the states and individual Territories and it is also the responsibility of every state to bring improvement in the condition of minorities. In India, 19 percent of the total population constitute Minorities. Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Parsis and Jains are minorities in India. 

Minorities Rights Day 2020 Theme, Quotes, Speech

Minorities Rights Day 2020 Theme, Quotes, Speech
Minorities Rights Day 2020 Theme, Quotes, Speech

Wish you happy minorities Right Day. On this day, I wish that the majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority. May people believe in the preservation of minorities and recognize that they can make their contributions to it and provide leadership. I wish that people understand that minorities are those who hold the key to progress. Minority is always established by who has an opinion and the majority is formed by those who have not any opinion. Thus, the minority is much stronger than the majority. If safety and security is enjoyed by minorities in any country then, it can be said that country is really free.

On this day, I hope that many minorities have the same power and money as the majority has because they have the same nature and efforts that the majority has. I want the government to always care about the rights of minorities and take suitable initiatives towards their prosperity and welfare. I hope that the government makes efforts to improve employment opportunities, educational enrichment and financial inclusion for the minorities group. So, these initiatives play a very vital role in the growth of the nation. I wish you happy minorities Right Day and also that minorities get opportunity to live without fear and with security, respect and safety despite their religion, language, caste, tradition, culture and so on.

 I hope that the government should respect the identity of minorities and develop a better understanding towards them. On the Minorities Rights Day in India, various seminars, conventions and meetings are conducted to analyze the current condition of minorities. These will lead to some inspiration works that we can see in the development programs. On this day, various campaigns and seminars are also organized to promote the minority’s communities and make people understand the rights of minorities. The main target of organizing this campaign is to spread awareness among people about the initiatives taken by the government for the minorities, and give them knowledge about the government schemes for minorities. Minorities are also a part of India’s population, and they give their equivalent contribution towards the growth of the nation. Nowadays, minorities hold high positions in every respected field like government offices, civil services, engineering, politics, and so on. Thus, the minorities Rights Day is celebrated in India to spread harmony and peace and to bring prosperity and welfare in the country.

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