Legal Services Day 2022 Theme, Quotes, Images – 9 November

 Legal Service Day is celebrated on 9th November every year. This day is celebrated to make people aware of the legal provisions, and the legal act of justice. This day also features the provisions of legal services provided to the weaker sections of the country. National Legal Service Day was firstly initiated by the Supreme Court of India in 1995. On 9th NOVEMBER, 1995, The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) was constituted under the Legal Service Authorities Act, 1987 to establish an identical network all over the country.

This day is celebrated on 9th November. This day is celebrated by all state authorities. On this day many legal camps are organised in the capital city of the country for the government as well as non-government people. This day was first celebrated in 1995 by the Supreme Court to help the weaker and poor sections of the society such as women, ST/SC, children  and victims of natural calamities. The main aim of this day is to offer free of cost legal services to the weaker sections of the society. This day is celebrated all over India to increase awareness of free legal services which is provided to weaker sections of the society.

Legal Services Day 2020 Theme, Quotes, Images
Legal Services Day 2020 Theme, Quotes, Images

Legal Services Day

NALSA played its vital role in promoting the country for sustainable development, provided access to justice and established various effective institutions at all levels. Legal services are for the benefits of the common people. If they have proper knowledge of their rights, they can take the opportunities of better facilities granted by the government for the welfare of the society. The main objective of this day is to spread legal awareness and provide free legal services to the poor and weaker sections of a country. There are so many legal services institutions established by the government of India which provide free, legal services for the welfare of the needy people. 

Legal Services Day 2020 Theme, Quotes, Images

 Wishing you all a very happy Legal Service Day. I wish that on this day everyone gets their right to know about their legal rights, and opportunities, and they can take the benefits of government actions. Legal services make people capable of getting all the things that are needed for their survival like food, water, shelter, medicine and so on but the need is to have the knowledge about their legal rights because the government has done a lot for the weaker sections of a country. I hope that on this day, all of us should take part in the rally or camps that are organized by various institutions.

By doing this, we can increase our knowledge about legal provisions as well as we can spread knowledge and awareness to the needy people. It is quite impossible for the people to stay without their rights in this changing environment. I want from the weaker sections of the society that they give their presence in the camps organized by the institutions on this day. It is very much-needed, and I must say that it is our duty to make every person of this country recognize their rights and opportunities. All people should have the knowledge of fair and justice approaches. Equality is the basic and foremost right of every Indian citizen. Once again, wish you all a very happy Legal Service Day. May all you give your contribution towards the welfare of our country and spread the knowledge of legal provisions to the population. 

Legal Service Day is used to celebrate by a lot of people all over the country. Legal services help people to get all those things for which they are eligible. On this day a rally is organized at various places, and all the participants of the rally say some kind of slogans like need to organize Lok Adalat and spread awareness regarding legal services. On this day, Lok Adalat is organized to provide free of charge and proficient legal services to the weaker sections and recognize them with their legal rights.

These Adalats have the objectives of spreading legal systems and enhancing the fair and justice approach among the people Based on equality. Apart from this, a lot of legal literacy camps and functions are organized to give knowledge to weak and needy people about their rights and opportunities, and to make them capable to take the benefits of government actions of prosperity. Individuals from a government and non government association take part in these camps on this day who have the great knowledge of legal provisions and rights. Thus, it is certainly a very important day for our country.

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