International Joke Day 2022, Joke Day 1st July

International Joke Day 2022

Haha haha haha haha! This is the reaction of everyone when someone says a joke to them. Humour is very important for everyone. Laughter is the best medicine to cure any disease. Laughter therapy is essential for everyone to cure their emotional and mental stress.

July 1st is celebrated as International Joke Day, and this day does not come to tell people how funny you are and what type of sense of humour you have. It comes to serve people laughter, and make their day full of happiness and laughter.


The story behind the celebration of this day is very funky and interesting and everyone should know it. This day was created by Wayne Reinagle in 1994. Wayne was an author of fantasy books and he wanted to promote his books. So one day in 1994, he realized that today the half year is completed and that day was July 1st. And he announced that today is International Joke Day. and he accepted that I made this day 1st July and because it is half of the year and i use this day to promote my book.

Types of Jokes

Jokes are the oldest ways of storytelling. Jokes are of many types. Here we have some for you.

  1. Oservational Jokes
  2. Anecdotal Jokes
  3. Situational Jokes
  4. Character Jokes
  5. One-liner Jokes
  6. Ironic Jokes
  7. Deadpan Jokes
  8. Farcical Jokes
  9. Self Deprecating Jokes
  10. Slapstick Jokes


OBSERVATIONAL JOKES: This type of jokes are based on observations of people or things happening around. Jerry Seinfeld is known for narrating observational jokes in his stage performances, he mostly uses the sentence”have you noticed….”. Observational jokes are based on the observations of the everyday life of people, the things happening around them or the situations with which everyone is familiar.


ANECDOTAL JOKES: Anecdotal jokes are based on the comedian’s personal life experiences.Judd Apatow,who is an writer,producer and director and also a stand up comedian, believes that stand ups becomes more interesting when the comedian involves their personal experiences and situations with the audience.


SITUATIONAL JOKE: This type of jokes is used to describe the genre of humour or jokes in a relay of characters,places and situations. Television is a good place for situational jokes. Some of the examples are Big Band Theory, The Kapil Sharma Show, Friends, etc.


CHARACTER JOKES: In the character jokes, the comedian performs acts by different persona, or personality of people. Stephen Cobalt is known for performing the character jokes.


ONE LINER JOKES: ”Everyone calls it a rush hour but nothing moves” this is a one liner joke by Robin Williams. One liner jokes are said in one line.


IRONIC JOKES: These jokes are based on the contradictory of two opposing situations which are tugging on each other.


DEADPAN JOKES: Deadpan jokes are based on monotonic voice with no expressions. Steven Wright is a deadpan comedian.


FARCICAL JOKES: These jokes or comedy are based on the top point line with some stories and situations.


SELF DEPRECATING JOKES: Self deprecating jokes involves the jokes and comments on the comedians personal life. The comedians poke fun at themselves,their family,their love life,etc.


SLAPSTICK JOKES: The slapstick jokes are a part of physical comedy. In the performance or act the comedians are repeatedly slapped, hitted or beated.


You might have seen lots of stand up acts and stage performances of comedians. Here we have some of the most popular comedians.

1.LOUIS C K :  

“The meal is not over when I’m full, the meal is over when I hate myself.”


“If you want to know why society is going down the drain…….take a look at people having children………..then look at people who you think would make good parents. That should tell you about all you need to know.”


“My ex boyfriend, he was really into family…….. He’d never come on the road with me on the weekends, because he wanted to spend time with his wife.”


“I’m off to the gym. Replacing good characters with good looks is a cornerstone of my comeback stratagem..”


“Men don’t care what’s on TV, they care about what else is on TV..”


Jokes are the way to be happy and laugh even in the situation you won’t to laugh. Here are some of the most popular jokes.

1.A man walks into a zoo, the only animal in the zoo is a dog. It’s a SHITZOO.

2.A guy goes up late for the office, his boss says that “you should’ve been here at 8 30.” he replies-”why? What happened at 8 30?”

3.If i ever had twins, i’d used one for parts.

4.Animals would be our friends but they won’t pick up at the airport.

5.I always keep a supply of stimulants handy in case I see a snake, which I also keep handy.

So as the international joke day is here, you must wish your friends and loved ones today. The best way to wish them is send international joke day greetings to them with a very funny joke of your own.

You should post a joke on your social media account and make everyone laugh at your joke.

So this International Joke Day enjoy with your family and wear humour on your sleeves and make everyone laugh.

Happy International Joke Day 2022.

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