Happy Teachers Day 2021 Quotes, Images Wishes Card

Happy Teachers Day 2021 Quotes, Images Wishes Card,

Teachers day is an annual celebration, and it is observed on 5th of September, every year. The aim of celebrating this day is to appreciate teachers and their selfless work. Teachers give a big contribution in building the future of the nation. 

A good teacher is like a candle, who consumes itself to light for others.

Teachers are building blocks of society. They have a big contribution in making a better society.

Teachers not only teach the lessons of the textbooks,they also teach the lessons of life to their students. Teachers are the nation’s pride.They work selflessly to make their students self dependent. 

“A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron.”

5th of Sept is the Birth Anniversary of the former President of India,Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan. He was not only the Former President of the nation, he was a well-known scholar,teacher, and promoter of education.

“The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future.”

Teachers day is very special for the teachers, as well as for the students. The students get an opportunity to thank their teachers and show them the respect, love and affection they have for their teachers.

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Teachers day is celebrated in many ways. People post the pictures of their teachers and write wishes and messages for them on social media. 

The country pays tribute to the Former President Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan.

Teachers day is celebrated in all the schools. The students of the perform various cultural activities and give gifts to their teachers. Students plan a whole day of rest and fun for their teachers. The senior students hold the duties of their favourite teachers. Students plan games and competitions for their teachers.


Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan, the former president of India, was born on 5th of Sept 1888. He was born in a Telugu speaking Niyogi Brahmin family. 

“Teachers should be the best minds in the country.”

He was awarded a scholarship throughout his academic life. He was good at studies. He became a teacher. After being the president of India, some of his students and friends requested him to celebrate his birthday. Then he replied that instead of celebrating 5th Sept as my birthday, celebrate it as the teachers day. 


2016Valuing Teachers,Improving Their Status.
2017Teaching In Freedom, Empowering The Teachers.
2018The Right To Education Means The Right To A Qualified Teacher.
2019Young Teachers: The Future Of The Profession.


  • Teachers play a vital role in building the nation and a better society around us. Teachers are known as the backbones of the society. 
  • Teachers bring change in the students’ lives by encouraging and motivating them. Teachers always wish that their students get all the success in their life. They want their students to be the best. Teachers are the only one who make an ordinary child a perfect person to stay in the society. They work selflessly for their students. They never expect anything in return,but a better result of their and their students’ hard work.
  • Teachers are the role models for the society and the students. They set a target for their students and give them tough challenges, so that their students become strong to handle all the challenges.
  • Teachers always share positivity. They have positive vibes, which makes others positive. A teacher is always filled with positivity and spreads it to everyone.
  • No one could be a great promoter of education, other than the teachers. They promote education and an educated nation.  
  • The word dedication is made for teachers only. They are so dedicated to their work that they selflessly teach the students for the benefit of the student and the nation.


There is no doubt that the teachers are the backbone of the society. Every teacher is best. But India had many great teachers who promoted education and motivated everyone.

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

Here we have mentioned some of the great Indian teachers who inspires everyone:

1.Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan

2.Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam 


4.Swami Dayananda Saraswati

5.RabindraNath Tagore

6.SavitriBai Phule

7.Swami Vivekananda



“Books are the means by which we build bridges between cultures”.

His birthday is celebrated as teachers day in India. He was the first vice president and second president of India. He was a great educator. He taught at University of Mysore.


“Science is a beautiful gift to humanity, we should not distort it.”

He was the eleventh president of India. He was a scientist and educator.he taught IT and IIT students.


“The biggest Guru mantra is never share your secrets with anybody,it will destroy you.”

First famous Indian scholar, also known as Kautilya. He wrote two famous books Arthshastra and Neetishastra.


“The greatest musical instrument given to a human being is the voice.”

Well known scholar of vedic lore and sanskrit language. 


“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”

He reinvented the concept of gurukul. He believed that education is not about giving information, but knocking the doors of minds.


“Awake,arise and educate. Smash traditions- librates.”

She was the first female teacher of India’s first female school. Great supporter of girls education.


“The secret of life is not enjoyment but education through experience.”

Teacher and philosopher. He was the first one who empowered students to handle different life situations and become good citizens.


“To be successful in life what you need is education, not literacy and degrees.”

He was a good teacher. He gave a great contribution in the hindustani literature.

A true teacher is one who, keeping the past alive, is also able to understand the present.

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“A gifted teacher is not only prepared to meet the needs of today’s child, but is also prepared to foresee the hopes and dreams in every child’s future.”

Happy Teachers Day 2021 Quotes, Wish and Images
Happy Teachers Day 2021 Quotes, Wish and Images

Happy Teachers Day 2021 Quotes, Wish and Images.

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